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It had a dressing room that was actually five rooms, with a marble fireplace. Writers like Victor Hugo and Edmond Rostand lined up to create new works for her. And if Bernhardt preferred to perform a classic, she could put on tights and play Hamlet for an audience of 1, This was in A male colleague was suggesting a plot point in a coming episode. Two people and a woman walk into a bar.

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Can you blame Ms. Rebeck for wanting to spend a bit of time in the imperious, world-beating presence of the Divine Sarah? Rebeck said of the project, which she had been mulling for the last decade. Even by her pedal-to-the-metal standards, Ms. Rebeck, 60, is commanding a lot of attention right now. Rebeck wrote and directed, opens Oct. As much as any event in her year career, the dismissal is held up by many of her peers as Exhibit A of the difficulties that women face in entertainment.

Six years later, Ms. Help Account Log In. But with The Second Monologue Project, they can be! Help your students go from monologue mayhem to mastery with this brand new 4-step guide. Click to learn more and get yours today! Ten Minute Play Series: Be Challenged by Lindsay Price A collection of short plays with challenging stories and complex characters. Add to Cart Pricing Info.

All in all, there's a lot packed into these ten minute plays. Up for the challenge? Look for other collections in our Ten Minute Play Series! BEEB [W] 74 lines.

4 thoughts on “ONE ACT PLAYS”

There is software out there that offer auto-format but I found them lacking. Blocking action is indented and placed in parentheses. Setting, Rise and Dialogue are justified left. Samuel French is the best. Each page represents approximately one minute of time on stage. It runs close to 3 hours.


You should keep your full length script to about pages which equals 1. For a ten minute play your script should be from pages. Leave lots of white space on the page. One day when your play is being produced, actors will need a place to make notes in the script during rehearsal. The blocking is indented. This is where the playwright gives the characters instructions on when and where to move. But, keep it short and sweet. Be aware of costume changes in your writing.

Y our script has to work on a stage.

Ten Minute Play Series: Be Challenged by Lindsay Price - Theatrefolk

If your story takes place in more than one locale, you have to be aware of the logistics of set changes. So keep it simple to start. If you are ambitious in your setting buy a book on set design to research if your set is feasible. But you have to consider the budget; would a theatre have the money to build it?

Sugarek of dialogue demonstrating how to move the story forward. A director can and will set up an area backstage for those quick changes and often the costume mistress will be there to help with shoes, zippers, etc. To save time, you should write the actor entering from the same side as they exited when possible to save the time it would take for them to hurry to the other side of the stage. Want to see some original plays? Interviews with Best Selling Authors. Want to try writing a ten minute play?

Check out the new videos on writing. Thirty-five writing tips that include: Hey Trisha, thanks for your post on properly formatting a stage play. Where can I get a proper stage play template? So better late than never.


I used Final Draft for awhile but found that they are really focused on TV and screenwriting. Same with Magic Screenwriter. They both appear on a stage.

A musical is a story set to music. A play can be funny or dramatic but not sung. I learn to keep each page approximately one minute long, I learned to keep the play time approximately one-and-a-half hours, ; I also learned to keep my playbook approximately pages that was so many good pointers that my wife and I learn from you.

Our play is a gospel play that would touch so many expects on life. It also reminds people that God is always there for them and never give up on payer! Thank you and God bless you, keep up the good work.

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Thanks, Tim for your kind words. These journals are chock full of tips and blank lined pages so you may use it as a work book for jotting down ideas, outlining the plot of your play, etc. I am so happy that my friends and fans out there are finding this post so helpful.