American Indian Cultural Heroes and Teaching Tales: Evenings with Chasing Deer

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Native American Authors: Book Index

American Indian traditional uses of native northeast trees Earthdivers: Seminole Indian poetry of Moses Jumper, Jr. Eclipse Edge of Nowhere The education of Canadians, ; the roots of separatism. The education of the culturally different: Native American foods and festivals for every season Engine Engithidong Xugixudhoy: Excerpts from a mountain climber's handbook: Abenaki stories Fall medicine songs Families of the Neuse: A Collection of Writings by N.

A Navajo Miracle Fire and the Spirits: The Life of Zitkala Sa Flint and feather: Pauline Johnson Flow The flute player: Native American writers Frontier's end: Larned Incident Fugitive colors Fugitive poses: An Indian Girlhood Genocide of the Mind: Tlingit life stories Haa shuka, our ancestors: Tlingit oral narratives Haa shuka, our ancestors speak Haa tuwunaagu yis, for healing our spirit: A Love Story The heart of a chief: A Novel of the Mountain Men Heeding the voices of our ancestors: I am the sun I am woman: Observations of an Educator Indian art of the Northwest coast: A Holistic Approach to Healing Inventing the savage: A Voice from the Mohawk Nation Iroquois stories: A Lakota History K K'etaalkkaanee, the one who paddled among the people and animals: Perspectives on the Ancient One Killing Custer: Metis Identities and Family Histories.

The life, letters and speeches of Kah-ge-ga-gah-bowh, or G. Copway, Chief Ojibway nation. Light in the crevice never seen The light of dawn from the land of dawn The light on the tent wall The light people Lighteningbolt Like a hurricane: American Indian treaty visions of law and peace, Listen to the Drum: Qayaq, the magical man Looking at the words of our people: First Nations analysis of literature Looking through a squared-off circle Loon and deer were traveling: New and Noted Poems Miko Kings: Transmigrations Molly Molasses and me: A Navajo Folktale Monster Slayer: A Navajo Folktale Moon dash warrior: MacDiarmid Mother Earth Spirituality: Indian survivals and renewals Native American women: Native colours Native harvests: Pehea la e pono ai?

How shall we live in harmony?

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Perceptions of the Natural Way Natives and academics: Native American ideas and thoughts Navajo: Blackfoot spirituality, traditions, values, and beliefs Nickajack Night flying woman: Women, Community, and the Future Northern breezes Northern lights: Memoirs and Impressions On our own ground: Origin and traditional history of the Wyandotts andsketches of other Indian tribes of North America, true traditional stories of Tecumseh and his league, in the years and The Osage The Osage and the invisible world: Osceola, patriot and warrior Other council fires were here before ours Other Destinies: Understanding the American Indian Novel The other side of nowhere: Our chiefs and elders: Wounded Knee and the struggle for Indian sovereignty Pomo Basketmaking: The Ballad of Vietnam and Other Stories The potential role of libraries and information services in supporting Native American cultures and the quality of life of Native people: Holistic Philosophy for Prenatal Care Pretty-shield: Medicine Woman of the Crows Primal Awareness: Canada from the native point of view Prison writings: Two grandmother models for contemporary native education pedagogy Questions and swords: Last of the Seneca Red Jacket: Seneca Chief The red man in the new world drama ; a politico-legal study with a pageantry of American Indian history Red man's greeting The red man's rebuke Red on Red: Native American Literary Separatism Red on white: Russet Mantle S Saanii Dahataal, the women are singing: Ojibway wild rice gathering The sacred hoop: But other creatures do have thought processes, emotions, personal relationships We must carefully ccord these other creatures the respect that they deserve and the right to live without unnecessary harm.

Wanton killings of different animals by some hunters and sportsmen are completely outside the traditional way that native people have treated other species, and if these stories can help develop in young people a strong sense of the wonder of other forms of life, this sharing of Native North American knowledge will certainly have been worth the effort.

These stories first appeared in Keepers of the Animals: Caduto and Joseph Bruchac Paperback , pages. Published September 1st by Fulcrum Publishing first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Native American Animal Stories , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Native American Animal Stories.

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Feb 10, Phil Jensen rated it really liked it Shelves: A few explanatory notes This book is extracted from a larger book called Keepers of the Animals: The titles tell you how they are different. Animal Stories is nothing but animal stories. Keepers of the Animals is designed for teachers, and it contains activities and discussion questions.

Native american Storytellers; The story of the giants

It says that American Indians have a spiritual connection with animals. Joseph Bruchac's essay, on the other hand, is a pleasure. It takes the same topic and develops it with examples from folklore and Bruchac's experience.

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Bruchac's essay should be used as a mentor text in essay writing techniques. The first half dozen folk tales are disappointing. They are so brief that they read more like summaries than stories, and they do not create an impression on the reader.

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Starting with the "Feathers and Fur, Scales and Skin" section, however, the book comes to life. If you like folklore, then you will find much to enjoy here. I appreciate the variety of story types- just-so stories, parables, teaching stories, and even a hero tale named "Manabozho and the Woodpecker" that would sit well next to tales about Beowulf and Siegfried. Mar 16, Ayana Mishelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is a must for 4th grade especially when studying the Westward Expansion and the impact on Native American or anything to do with this country so being discovered.

These are stories that tell of their beliefs and relationship with their Creator, it gives the reader a taste of their myths tat are drawn from their culture. A common thread throughout is their view of the world.

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The believed in maintaining balance with nature. Each story has a really beautiful illustration. Great for giving N This book is a must for 4th grade especially when studying the Westward Expansion and the impact on Native American or anything to do with this country so being discovered. Great for giving Native Americans a say with their own voice. Jul 27, Cal rated it liked it Shelves: This was a decent collection. The stories were interesting but felt told in an overly simplified manner.

I usually prefer native american stories to be fully illustrated since we no longer have the benefit of hearing them in the right setting but there were only a few illustrations in black and white. I actually liked the two introductions better than the rest of the book.

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  5. Jul 12, Amy rated it really liked it Shelves: There was a great section at the back of the book that told a brief history of about 20 different native cultures which I thought was so well done and just as valuable as the stories themselves. Looking forward to visiting the Smithsonian museum about Native people next month and continuing our learning!! Oct 15, Maria rated it it was amazing.

    I absolutely adore learning about Native American stories and traditions which made this book extremely enjoyable for me. I love Native American's respect for nature and all living things. I would recommend this book for people of all ages! Sep 08, Willowolfe rated it really liked it.

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    A delightful book for all ages who want to explore their Native American roots. Jul 24, Theresa rated it really liked it Shelves: Native American Animal Stories is a novel collection of stories taking from various Native American cultures. Sep 19, LouAnne rated it really liked it Shelves: Joseph Bruchac's retellings are wonderful.