Lied aus Ruy Blas - Score

  1. Sämtliche Lieder und Gesänge für 2 Singstimmen mit Pianofortebegleitung in SearchWorks catalog
  2. Mendelssohn, Felix
  3. 3 Lieder, Op.77 (Mendelssohn, Felix)
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The text is an evening soliloquy with a reference to time moving through the night, taking many who did not expect to go.

Sämtliche Lieder und Gesänge für 2 Singstimmen mit Pianofortebegleitung in SearchWorks catalog

There is a great beauty and dignity in its brief form, the first two stanzas set simply over a gently syncopated background in the piano. The last stanza is varied in an exultant fashion with vocal phrases of great breadth and expressiveness. He completed the score of the quintet in spring in its first version consisting of four fast movements. The discarded Minuetto was later published in Examining their biographies reveals many similarities, including the incredible rate at which they were able to write music as well as their skills as keyboard players.

So it comes as no surprise that as a young composer Mendelssohn decided to explore two genres of chamber music where Mozart basically provided precedent-setting examples: Like Beethoven before him, Mendelssohn felt that in order to write a string quartet he first needed to explore chamber textures by writing in other genres.

Lied aus 『Ruy Blass』 OP.77 Nr,3(MIDI)

These may have provided additional sources of an anxiety of influence for Mendelssohn, which could help explain his choice to work in genres that Beethoven did not extensively explore. Mendelssohn chose three piano quartets, written between , to be his first published works.

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After writing these he immediately decided to go in a completely novel direction and started work on his Octet in E-flat major, Op. The florid first violin part of the Octet is a testament to his skill on the instrument. While the reason for the genesis of the Op. Ruy Blas and Don Caesar are introduced to the royal palace in the capacity of strolling players. Don Salluste, a corrupt court official, has private reasons to wish to humiliate the Queen, and he persuades Ruy and Caesar to disguise themselves as women and apply for posts in the royal household.

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They are accepted, and Salluste then accuses the Queen of smuggling men into her private apartments, disguised as women. Ruy and Caesar are arrested and jailed.

Mendelssohn, Felix

Ruy and Caesar find that their imprisonment is extraordinarily luxurious, but despite its attractions they escape, with the connivance of the Queen. Ruy and Caesar attempt to burgle Don Salluste's safe and find that he has got himself locked inside it. They release him, but he is immediately arrested because in his safe are found some of the Queen's jewels, which he has stolen.

Ruy Blas wins the Queen's heart by various daring deeds, including bullfighting. The critics generally viewed the libretto as a departure from the old traditions of burlesque, because its resemblance to the original work was tangential, and because Hugo's Ruy Blas was not well enough known in England to be a fruitful subject for parody.

3 Lieder, Op.77 (Mendelssohn, Felix)

In The Theatre , Clement Scott wrote, "As to the play on which the burlesque is supposed to be founded, save in the first act, where it is fairly closely followed, we hear but little of it. The theatrical newspaper The Era reported that, entertaining though the new piece was, it had little by way of a plot, commenting: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Indeed his father was disinclined to allow Felix to follow a musical career until it became clear th at he intended to seriously dedicate himself to it. Early success in Germany was followed by travel throughout Europe; Mendelssohn was particularly well received in England as a composer, conductor and soloist, and his ten visits there, during which many of his major works were premiered, form an important part of his adult career.

His essentially conservative musical tastes however set him apart from many of his more adventurous musical contemporaries such as Liszt, Wagner and Berlioz. The Conservatoire he founded at Leipzig became a bastion of this anti-radical outlook. Mendelssohn's work includes symphonies, concerti, oratorios, piano and chamber music. He also had an important role in the revival of interest in the music of J.

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After a long period of relative denigration due to changing musical tastes and antisemitism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, his creative originality is now being recognized and re-evaluated. He is now among the most popular composers of the Romantic era. Wikipedia Hide extended text Hebrides Overture in B minor for orchestra 1. The Herald Angels Sing Six lieder for mixed voices a cappella 2.

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