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Programme researchers organise, plan and coordinate the production of television and radio programmes, and undertake relevant background research. They make sure that television and radio programmes are as entertaining and well-informed as possible. Typical employers Qualifications and training Key skills Typical responsibilities include: Typical employers of programme researchers Programme researchers are employed by independent production companies and television, radio and cable companies.

Qualifications and training required There are routes into this profession for both university graduates and school leavers. Key skills for programme researchers Enthusiasm Determination Perseverance Excellent verbal and written skills Adaptability Able to work well under pressure Organisational skills Administrative skills IT skills Next: There is no particular recognised route into this role. However, you could achieve a Radio Commercials Producer position having come from a radio or advertising background.

Radio Commercials Producer

Whatever your qualifications, employers will expect you to have an interest in, and hands-on experience of, radio broadcasting, particularly skills gained through community radio, student or hospital radio. You could move on from the Commercials Producer role to a larger station, or from a local to a regional or national commercials production department. You could also make the move into an external organisation providing a service to a range of broadcasters. Another option would be to make the move to TV commercials or to move into, or return to, more general radio production roles.

Radio Commercials Producer

Location Assistants will support Location Managers with logistics on site. With the growing complexities of cinema-grade projectors, DCP Authors are the technicians who make sure a film can be played perfectly on the screen. The digital master of a film set, the DIT helps get the most out of a digital camera before making sure footage is backed up and ready for post production. Experience gained at Carnival Films and through the high-end TV Make a Move scheme has paved the way for a freelance career within production.

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