Liberation Day: (Nick Stone Thriller 5)

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The Love Letter Lucinda Riley. The Power Naomi Alderman. I Am Pilgrim Terry Hayes. The Gift Louise Jensen. Behind Closed Doors B. It's no where near the best though. The problem is that while police and military stake out procedures are very interesting, they don't make for compelling reading. Feb 17, Chuck Hatcher rated it liked it.

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Not my favorite in the series but still a good story. Like other reviews point out, it's bogged down in surveillance detail that almost becomes tedious. However McNab throws in the action at just the right spots.

Liberation Day : Andy McNab :

As with the first books in the series Stone has nicknames for objects and people which are usually endearing, but in this book the nickname "Hubba-Hubba" that he gives a teammate started to grate on my nerves even though I liked the character. I almost gave in to the urge to start skimm Not my favorite in the series but still a good story. I almost gave in to the urge to start skimming during the last half when the surveillance felt endless, but suddenly all hell broke loose and it returned to the high octane thrill ride i've come to love from Mr.

Remote Control is one of my favorite books and I love the Nick Stone character. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series, I have to read them all May 07, Oscar rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Liberation day is the 5th book in the Nick Stone series.

In this book nick is on the quest to get his American citizenship, but to get this he is sent on a "final" mission, to destroy and kill a certain target. After complete his mission and traveling back from his "holiday" his girlfriend is thereto greet him. But after a few hours of returning "home" all his problems start to begin, his was to be father-in-law told his girlfriend that he was working for the us government and that he was actual Liberation day is the 5th book in the Nick Stone series.

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But after a few hours of returning "home" all his problems start to begin, his was to be father-in-law told his girlfriend that he was working for the us government and that he was actually a spy, because of this incidence he had to break up with her because of possible distrust, and so he is sent on another mission into another hell hole Dec 21, Spenser rated it it was ok. Picked this one up for free at the VA Hospital and glad I didnt spend real money on it.

Reading reviews of some of the later Nick Stone books, coupled with this one: This plods along and I found myself flipping some pages without reading, and without missing out on anything. I find these series of books baffling. Some are quite good and keep you gripped until the end and others, you can't wait to finish. This fell into the latter category in that I couldn't wait to finish it. It was enjoyable but once again you are overwhelmed with detail which sometimes doesn't add anything to the tale that is unfolding.

Despite this I will be happy to try other books in the series and I'm sure that I will continue to find the hit and miss enjoyment in them. Feb 13, Neil rated it liked it. Most interestingly for me it was set in the South of France where I live, so I knew a lot of the locations and now I feel a bit like an ex-SAS hard man when I take my kids to the beach where Nick Stone had previously fictionally assassinated some Al-Qaeda targets.

Started off well and I thought it was looking like being one of his better efforts but I felt it kind of just plodded along for large parts after the initial job with his two accomplances. Jun 09, Trung rated it liked it. Probably the weakest book of the series I have read so far. Most people did say the majority of the book was made up of a lot of preparation work which I can agree with in the world of covert operations , but the problem was it felt sort of repetitive. At least the ending portions made up for it and were a lot more crazy. Different and Difficult "Click Click" etc.

A very long book. As always, I want to try to put myself into a likable attitude about the words developed to make each chapter dedicated to the reader.

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  8. I had a very hard to do so. Mar 28, Jim Whitefield rated it it was amazing. More edge of the seat reading - a breathtaking ride as Nick Stone is enticed into another black op. The fifth in the series and still as entertaining and thrilling as the first story.

    Liberation Day : (Nick Stone Thriller 5)

    Nov 16, Paul rated it it was amazing. Another great book by Andy McNab. I have said this before, but I enjoy how human "Nick Sone" is. He get hurt and bleeds. In other book the hero always wins without a scratch not with Nick Stone. He wins some and loose some!

    Aug 11, Bec rated it it was ok Shelves: The worst of this series that I have encountered so far, and I would advise only those that feel they couldn't live without reading every book in a series to read it. It had a lot of recon and waiting and talking and shopping, and only a little action or thrilling sequences. Another explosion of sensation and a real page turner. It gots you sucked into the story right from the start, and leaves you breathless for another pages.

    It's amazing to write action this well, making you believe you're watching a movie. Apr 06, Gill rated it it was ok. I read this book for book club but didn't finish it. I got so bored with the endless detail about setting up OPs and planning. According to other reviews, he doesn't do as much of this in previous books so perhaps I was unlucky with my first McNab book. If you have keen sense of eye for details, then you are bang on target. A slow read that carved for some action which never seemed to come and just when you thought the action began, you realize the book has ended.

    Operating in the dangerous underworld of the South of France, where al-Qaeda has embarked on a panicked round-up of funds using their ancient banking system of hawalla, Stone is in at the deep end of a very dirty war. In the most daunting mission he has yet undertaken, as one bloody twist leads to another, Stone ultimately finds himself confronted by the most desperate dilemma a man could ever face A Nick Stone Mission Author s: Liberation Day Author s: Liberation Day Windsor Selection Author s: Nick Stone Book 5: Apostrophe Books Ltd Availability: