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Noosphere II , Defining the Environment.

Noosphere (Дніпро) 2 - 9 CoreValue (Львів)

The crux of the experiment is to design it such that it will create an environment to meet requirements that will minimally be:. These requirements will be supplemented by. Nature and Qualifications Required of Researchers. Noosphere II is of necessity a phenomenological experiment where the principle subjects of the experiment are the researchers themselves.

Noosphere of Naivetᅢᄅ

The experiment is designed so that at least in its initial two-year phase there will be only two research-participants. The basis of this partnership was a sequence of tutorials given by the Director of Research in to his Assistant on the sole theme of Cosmic History. On this basis, and essentially in the role of an Apprentice, the Research Assistant, under the creative supervision of the Director of Research, began the work of ordering the raw data, determining areas needing further research and designed the seven volumes to be known as the Cosmic History Chronicles, The Reformulation of the Human Mind.

Seeing that the vast theme of the series was actually a principle of the ordering of knowledge according to the necessities of the noosphere and the advent of the psychozoic era, and with the first volume in its final draft form, it was determined that to complete the other six volumes, that the whole of the Research had to be conducted as an experiment in a space set apart form the normal social routines. In such a space, Noosphere II , the whole of life would be an immersion in the experiment, as it would have to be.

The Global Consciousness Project

The noosphere is a total transformation of the human life possibility, and so, therefore, the investigation into the actual nature and experience of noospheric consciousness would also have to be a whole system, whole life engagement, where every aspect of living could be observed and conducted as an integral part of the experiment.

In the living of the experiment it is assumed that the design and order of the entire experimental life process is a reflection of noospheric necessity. That is, it is assumed that the noosphere is in a condition of evolutionary urgency needing to become conscious, and that through the highly conscious and purposive activity of the two principles, the noosphere is engendering its own genesis — noogenesis. It is also assumed that the noosphere represents a much higher normative state of consciousness than is presently common. By successfully bringing to consciousness and integrating these three levels into their modes of behavior the researchers will serve to illumine possibilities of noospheric embodiment which can then be communicated and transmitted.

These three levels of enactment for the purpose of establishing noogenesis are defined:. Once creation is engendered it assumes immediately at its point of origin a binary principle — positive-negative polarity — which functions as the cosmic law of alternation, and which sets everything in motion. Since this principle is also the activator of the psi bank regulators, the governing mechanism of the noosphere, in this way they can also facilitate the noospheric genesis.

While the enactment of the primal cosmic law of binary alternation is satisfied by the two researchers transpersonalized differentiation into male and female, their existence as human personality types is undeniable. However, to embody the higher consciousness principles of the noosphere, they must recognize their personas as primal archetypes rather than be identified with their third-dimensional names and personalities.

Therefore, to fulfill the needs of Noosphere II , and promote noospheric genesis, the two principles assume the archetypal roles of Votan and Red Queen. These roles are derived from Mayan history and prophecy, and represent a primary expression of archetypal necessity. Votan, the male, is the culture bringer and man of knowledge who, in a historical context, comes to rule the kingdom of Palenque, and orders the construction of his elaborate tomb, discovered in , precisely years after its dedication in Red Queen is the mysterious feminine that is meant to establish a new spiritual dynasty.

The two tombs signify the transmigration of souls and the mystery of the life and death. At the end of history the two are meant to reemerge in order to fulfill a mysterious higher command, brought to consciousness through the enactment of Noosphere II. By fulfilling these roles between themselves in their on-going relationship, the noosphere, as the harbinger of new archetypal possibilities for all humans, may also be made evident. The assumption of the functions of cosmic law and the taking on of archetypal roles, then further defines the two research agents as the enactment of a natural principle: While biogenesis defines the continuing origin of life through transmission according to specified DNA carriers, noogenesis describes the ongoing origin of thought and mind through process of living transmission, so that a spiritual, mental or cultural teaching survives from one generation to the next.

The act of noogenic transmission through Noosphere II , is an act of primal necessity, jump starting, as it were, the noosphere as a living thought embodiment, but one of a planetary scale and scope. In this way the two research agents take on the roles of an aboriginal noospheric sorcerer and apprentice establishing the primacy of a mental-spiritual system of transmission for maintaining the life of the noosphere. In such a way will Noosphere II fulfill the creation of an experimental environment whereby the experience of the noosphere as a state of continuing expanded consciousness may be simulated, defined, transmitted and communicated as a model of evolutionary necessity.

Noosphere II must occur in a secluded and spacious accommodation in a natural environment with sufficient land for gardening and interaction with the wildlife and all elements of nature. While the first nine moons of phase I of the experiment began in Rainbow Circle Ranch on 5 acres of rural land, the next three years brought much travel and movement, but nonetheless the experiment was carried out in a variety of surroundings.

Finally in , a facility acquired for Noosphere II was perfectly located on eight acres of wild, mostly wooded land and a pond that is a haven for birds and other wildlife, and which has garden areas with fruit trees. This is sufficient to create and sustain a life style removed form ordinary concerns. While the facilities contained two computers, there was no television or cell phones. A DVD player was occasionally used as an educational tool, while radio, movies and other forms of entertainment were, by and large, selected on an educational purpose basis.

The point is to remain as far removed from outside diversions as possible and to be as conscious as possible about the experience and nature of whatever one is exposed to. Diet is an important consideration of the life style.

Vegetarian, vegan and raw diets provide the base, while minimizing dependence on processed foods is a major economic-dietary objective of the experiment. Development of Mystical States of Consciousness.

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From the outset, the daily regimen is established through meditation and yogic practices with the end of cultivating everyday familiarity with mystic states of consciousness. This time of the day is chosen for its vibrational purity. The meditation is basically zazen — shamatha-vipassana mindfulness technique immersed in a Dzogchen orientation. The purpose is to stabilize samadhi. In this state the activity of consciousness is stopped and we cease to be aware of time, space and causation.

More recently since this session has been supplemented by and focused increasingly on telepathic meditation techniques based on the Cube Matrix, the foundation of the Synchronotron. Development and Cultivation of Cosmic Noospheric Consciousness. For more details also consult the forthcoming issues of the Intergalactic Bulletin of the Galactic Research Institute.

The samadhi is the essential state that is aimed for as being the ground of noospheric awareness. While the zazen or Dzogchen techniques are most often practiced within the context of a Buddhist tradition, in Noosphere II these practices are utilized as universal techniques necessary for the initial experience of noospheric consciousness. Comparative study of classic Zen, Dzogchen and Buddhist meditation manuals, as well as Hindu Raj Yoga and Sufi Dhikr texts and extensive in-depth studies of the Quran are also utilized for classification of the experiences that occur.

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For both the Director and the Associate Director, these sessions involve extensive journal keeping, tracking all of the various meditation experiences and synchronicities due to practical application of the codes of the synchronic order and the Usually between 6 and 8 AM, the two engage in practice and discussion. As Noosphere II develops, experiments will be made in the different yogic practices of Tibet, most notably the psychic heat, or tummo. Observation of different states of mind and experiences are duly noted. While both researchers are familiar with the use and purposes of psychotropic substances and psychedelic states of consciousness, Noosphere II will be based completely on naturally developed states of awareness and higher states of consciousness.

Purity of mind and body is seen as a fundamental prerequisite for experiencing and identifying noospheric consciousness. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Maha Ati , pp. As distinguished from the development of mystical states of consciousness, upon which cosmic consciousness is necessarily based, this aspect of the investigation involves the conscientious development of methods and practices of visualization, concentration and meditation with the intent of simulating or engaging the experience of the noosphere as a whole planetarized field.

It is assumed that the noosphere is that region of consciousness on the planet for the transformation of cosmic thoughtforms, hitherto imperceptible but to a few because of the nature of ordinary consciousness in the final stages of historical materialism.

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Therefore, the bedrock of Noosphere II is the cultivation of practices to augment, facilitate and comprehend cosmic thoughtforms inclusive of telepathically activating creative visualization. These practices include daily psi bank visualizations coordinated with the movement pattern of the synchronic order, as well as Synchrogalactic Yoga and other forms of visualization within which the meditator assumes identity with various cosmic forms and functions based on the principles of cosmic science a branch of Cosmic History.

This opened to vast mathematical structures and codes by which the mental field became entrained with the higher galactic order of intelligence monitoring the planetary noosphere. Eventually, these studies, practices and experiences became codified as the Synchronotron, compendium of principles and practices of synchronicity.

All of these practices can be found in the seven volumes of the Cosmic History Chronicles. A working hypothesis of the Cosmic Noospheric Consciousness cultivation practices is the existence of the holomind perceiver , a new organ of perception. The hypothesis is that through the cultivation of these practices specifically, including extended states of samadhi within the context of noospheric consciousness, that a higher sense organ now dormant in the corpus callosum will become activated. This now dormant sense organ, the holomind perceiver will distinguish the next stage of human evolution as homo noosphericus a superior model to the current homo sapiens.

The Synchronotron practices greatly enhance activation of the Holomind Perceiver. It is hypothesized that the holomind perceiver is precisely fitted to the advent of the Noosphere and the psychozoic era. As a higher sense organ, it will comprehend incoming data from a totally synaesthetic, synchronic and simultaneous whole field perspective in a way so totally different than anything now normally considered possible, as to cause a rearrangement of our self-perception, and elevate telepathy as a superior form of communication.

Experiments in arousing the holomind perceiver through telepathically inducing visualizations and states of mind are the base methods thus far for arousing this new organ of perception. Once aroused, the techniques involved in its arousal will be summarized and presented for testing and validation by others. Verification of the holomind perceiver would be one of the great achievements of Noosphere II.

In this way the supermental stage of human evolution will have commenced insuperably. The egolessness of the state of samadhi is taken as a base level for establishing noospheric consciousness. The practice of egolessness throughout all aspects of the daily routine is what matters. For while the present era is the culmination of a despiritualized materialism, the psychozoic era will be characterized by a thoroughly spiritualized noosphere.

Spirituality must be comprehended as the life lived according to the egoless condition of being. Egolessness leads to nonaggression, care, compassion, and, in general, to an expanded sense of love for all beings and, indeed, the whole of existence. The assumption of Noosphere II is that the most basic foundation of egolessness is in utter submission to God understood as the unfathomable higher principle of a guiding Intelligence by which all of creation has come about and is maintained.

To this end Noosphere II bases its spiritual practices on the salat prayer five times a day , as well as the practice of continuous mindfulness, prayer and recitation of mantra. The point is to cut or see through all dependencies, other than a complete surrender to the Supreme Guiding Force.

It is further assumed that the egoless condition is but the beginning of sequences of altered states that advance consciousness in ever all-embracing stages that stabilize the highest levels of cosmic consciousness as inseparable from a universal compassion. Related to prayer is the practice of fasting. Awareness and examination of habitual norms of eating and consumption in general by engaging in periodic fasting is extremely helpful in dealing with the ego. Mutual discussion and support in undertaking fasting and working through unconscious patterns that inevitably arise when there is such a focus on transcending ego are essential for the stabilization of Noosphere II.

The proof of the egoless condition is to be found in the everyday spirituality of attending to the business of living. Taking care of the kitchen, the compost heap, the garden — it is in these activities selflessly carried out in which noospheric realization is to be found abiding. Finally, the study of the lives and teachings of great teachers, mystics, saints, prophets and masters of all traditions provides an inspirational matrix for the cultivation of the spiritual dimension, while assisting in the development of that nonsectarian universal spirituality that will definitely characterize the noospheric consciousness.

Investigative Research and Comparative Studies. The foregoing classification of areas of experience and the attendant methods for cultivating and validating them form the main experiential component of Noosphere II. After all, it is the experience of noospheric consciousness that must be comprehended if the experiment is to be considered at all a success. The point of these experiences is their providing a base of integrative perception for the formulation of the comprehensive description of the noospheric state of mind, understood and expressed first and foremost through the Cosmic History Chronicles, the Reformulation of the Human Mind.

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We collect data continuously from a global network of physical random number generators located in up to 70 host sites around the world at any given time. The data are transmitted to a central archive which now contains more than 15 years of random data in parallel sequences of synchronized bit trials generated every second. Our purpose is to examine subtle correlations that may reflect the presence and activity of consciousness in the world.

We hypothesize that there will be structure in what should be random data, associated with major global events that engage our minds and hearts. Subtle but real effects of consciousness are important scientifically, but their real power is more immediate. They encourage us to make essential, healthy changes in the great systems that dominate our world.