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Marcie originally followed Peppermint Patty's lead and called him "Chuck" too. Later, however, she took to calling him "Charles". Some readers interpret the special names the two girls have for Charlie Brown as an indication of the portrayed crushes that both girls have on him , which they both admit to each other in the strip from July 21, Charlie Brown's sister Sally usually calls him "Big Brother", probably because it would be awkward for a member of his own family to use their surname when addressing him.

A minor character named Peggy Jean from the early s calls him "Brownie Charles". Charlie Brown, in his typical nervous and awkward fashion, flubs his own name when he introduces himself to Peggy Jean and cannot bring himself to correct the mistake. It is eventually revealed that the first person to have called him "Charlie Brown" was Poochie , a girl who played with Snoopy as a pup, and who first appeared in the strip on January 7, This can imply, that before this, people used to refer to him as simply Charlie.

Charlie Brown emotionally swings between being negatively pessimistic and being heroically optimistic. He fails at most things and is often insulted by Lucy and Violet and Patty, resulting in his depression and often pessimistic view of life; an example is his reluctance to get up and start a day because he might spoil it. He also hates himself.

Contradicting this negativity is an optimistic side; no matter how bad a day might be, he often looks forward for tomorrow. He also has a positive attitude on life, hoping for good things to happen; one such case is his attitude about his baseball team, and no matter how the game looks, even if it looks like his team has no prospect to win, Charlie Brown is always confident that his team still has a chance of winning. He claims that his team has both never won a game but is also one win away from the playoffs.

Common elements in the strip's storylines include Charlie Brown stubborn refusal to give in even when all is lost from the outset e. He hates losing, and he does not let his frequent failures get in the way of becoming great; he wants people to praise him, and he tries to achieve that goal by working hard and improving any skill he has on some fields whilst trying to find more fields he has skill at.

He despairs because he suffers so much that each day might likely end badly for him, but he is positive enough to hope for the best, hating the notion of being doomed to suffer, and he always works hard to achieve anything that he wishes to. Charlie Brown is very ambitious. Despite what Lucy or Violet may think of him, Charlie Brown is actually intelligent and insightful, with a somewhat above-average vocabulary though not as high as Linus' , and is philosophical and deep-thinking; this has often led him to talk to himself about his problems, what others may be saying about him, and philosophy in general.

Charlie Brown often feels like people are picking on him, even if in reality they are not. For instance, in one strip, from May 9, , Charlie Brown says his raincoat is too small. Patty tries to explain that the problem is not that the raincoat is too small, but that Charlie Brown is too big. However, Charlie Brown takes offense at that, and says "Always blaming me for everything". Charlie Brown also often feels that nobody likes him, or that people are constantly laughing at him, except for when he is trying to be funny, of course. Charlie Brown has stated that he is very fond of books.

Despite this, he often procrastinates book report writing. Charlie Brown is also notable for being a budding cartoonist, creating his own comic strips; he would show these strips to the other characters; this trait is likely to have been inspired by Schulz's own early childhood beginnings at cartooning. The May 3, strip. Charlie Brown's final line is Schulz's comment on the possible upcoming Vietnam War. Charlie Brown never receives cards on Valentine's Day or Christmas and only gets rock s when he goes trick or treating on Halloween but never loses hope that he will.

His misfortunes garnered so much sympathy from the audience that many young viewers of the Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown and It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown TV specials in North America have sent Valentine cards and Halloween candy respectively to the broadcasting television networks in an effort to show Charlie Brown they cared for him. Charlie Brown prepares to play Joe Agate at marbles.

Charlie Brown's run of bad luck continued until the strip ended its run in He did have occasional victories, though, such as hitting a game-winning home run off a pitch by Royanne , on March 30, and soundly defeating Joe Agate in a game of marbles on April 11, Usually, Charlie Brown was a representative for everyone going through a time when they feel like nothing ever goes right for them.

However, Charlie Brown refuses to give up. In the final weeks of the strip, determined to finally have a winning baseball season at least, Charlie Brown tried to channel Joe Torre, which made his sister think he was cracking up. While he fails in many things, he has shown skill on some: He is also quite skilled at marbles, for although he always suffered intense defeat whenever he played against Patty , she was the only character he was shown losing to, with him soundly taking down Joe Agate and proving his skill. Charlie Brown is generally generous: When Charlie Brown notices that she took all of the caramels, he easily forgives her and offers her the sack he was carrying the caramels in.

Charlie Brown also tends to fall in love very easily. He fell for many girls, most famously the Little Red-Haired Girl. He also fell in love with Peggy Jean , his Pen-pal , a girl named Emily , and a few more in the strip and the TV specials. In spite of all of his setbacks, life's cruelties, and unfair random chance, Charlie Brown believes in basic decency toward others and that things are right in the universe.

He never gives up hope on others, even if he struggles with believing in himself. Charlie Brown and Snoopy's relationship. Snoopy is Charlie Brown's dog, and they have a strange but strong relationship. They seem to be able to understand each other, to the point of Charlie Brown being able to read Snoopy's mind.

Despite them not being from the same species, they are still close friends, although sometimes they are annoyed at each other. Charlie Brown was the one who taught Snoopy to walk on his hind legs. Charlie Brown does many things for Snoopy, and Snoopy normally appreciates it, but sometimes he does not.

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They both need each other, and on many occasions are seen hugging. Since April , Snoopy has been unable to remember his master's name, referring to him as "that round-headed kid. Charlie Brown and Sally Brown's relationship. In , Charlie Brown's sister Sally was born. Initially Charlie Brown doted on his baby sister, though she too became a thorn in his side as she grew up.

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Sally often pesters him for help with her homework. Charlie Brown stoically bears this, although sometimes he is able to let Sally dig her own holes without pulling him in with her while occasionally firmly putting his foot down on truly unacceptable behavior, such as lying about taking a crayon from school or reading his letters. For his part, Charlie Brown is often frustrated by Sally's laziness and her reluctance to do the right thing when she finds herself in a difficult situation.

His attempts to lecture Sally usually either go over her head or simply fall on deaf ears. However, Charlie Brown still always helps her, when it comes to her homework, or bullies, even though Sally rarely appreciates what he does for her. Charlie Brown and Lucy's relationship. Charlie Brown has a slightly critical opinion of Lucy , as she is always doing mean things to Linus, or dropping fly balls.

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Charlie Brown also constantly falls for Lucy's " football gag ". Sometimes, it seems that Charlie Brown does regard Lucy as a close friend and occasionally cares about her. In one strip, Lucy gives him a list of things she wants for Christmas, he does not throw it away like Schroeder does, instead, he goes to a shop and says, " Yes, ma'am , I'm looking for a gift for a friend of mine, a girl Rerun and Charlie Brown appear to have little interaction with each other in strips from the s and 80s.

The main exception being the storyline from in which Lucy convinces a reluctant Charlie Brown to allow infant Rerun to join Charlie Brown's baseball team. Rerun is instrumental in the team's win, as he is so small that the opposing pitcher cannot throw any strikes at him, and Rerun gets a game-winning walk. However, the victory is later voided because Rerun and Snoopy had bet five cents on the game.

However, the two have more contact between the s when Rerun grew beyond infancy. Rerun is often shown asking Charlie Brown if he can play on his baseball team or if he can borrow Snoopy. Charlie Brown usually is unwilling to let Rerun play on his team, but usually allows Rerun to play with Snoopy. Unlike the other children, Rerun comes to admire Charlie Brown, while watching Charlie Brown warm up on his pitcher's mound on one occasion, he refers to Charlie Brown as "the Master".

Charlie Brown also became somewhat of a mentor to Rerun, teaching him how to feed a dog , how to deliver newspapers, and how to play marbles. When bully Joe Agate tricks Rerun into losing all of his marbles, Charlie Brown wins them back for him. Schroeder is one of Charlie Brown's closest friends, they commonly have conferences on the pitcher's mound in between pitches, mostly about hand signals one finger means a fastball and two fingers means a curveball, etc and Beethoven. Charlie Brown is also one of the few people who Schroeder will let lounge against his piano, as he knows Charlie Brown respects his love of Beethoven.

In fact, when Schroeder was younger, Charlie Brown would read the life of Beethoven to him. Charlie Brown was also the one who introduced Schroeder to the piano.

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One on occasion the two had an argument in where Charlie Brown insulted his "yellow hair" and the fact he plays on his piano all day, Schroeder then made fun of his coonskin cap he was wearing at the time and also Charlie Brown's round head. Schroeder at times is usually the first to defend Charlie Brown. An example of this was when Violet offers Charlie Brown one of her leftover Valentine's Day cards on the day after the holiday. Schroeder thoroughly chastises her, however, Charlie Brown accepts the Valentine's card regardless, although he expresses appreciation for Schroeder's gesture.

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Jules Bass, Arthur Rankin Jr. A Boy Named Charlie Brown Charlie Brown makes his way to the national spelling bee finals. Edit Cast Uncredited cast: Frieda voice uncredited Chris Doran Violet voice uncredited Bill Melendez Snoopy voice uncredited Karen Mendelson Patty voice uncredited Geoffrey Ornstein Pig-Pen voice uncredited Peter Robbins Charlie Brown voice uncredited Christopher Shea Linus Van Pelt voice uncredited Cathy Steinberg Sally Brown voice uncredited Tracy Stratford Edit Storyline When Charlie Brown complains about the overwhelming materialism that he sees amongst everyone during the Christmas season, Lucy suggests that he become director of the school Christmas paegent.

That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown! Mono Westrex Recording System. Edit Did You Know?

Charlie Brown

The Paramount and Warner video releases are complete and unedited. Goofs When Linus is making his speech Charlie Brown is behind him and to his left, and he has is not wearing his red coat. When Linus is briefly shown from his right Charlie Brown is in the background wearing his coat.

When the shot cuts back to a front view the coat is off again.