Disc Dogs! A Beginners Guide

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How to Teach Disc Dogs Tricks

Be the first to ask a question about Disc Dogs! Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Apr 19, Sheryl rated it liked it.

How To Teach Your Dog To Play Disc From Scratch Part 3

Okay, now I have to try some of the disc training with Maiyah. I think she will LOVE it. If you want to get into Disc throwing with your dog I would recommend this book. There is some parts that were like not relevent to me and not enough training steps in this book but its a good intro to disc dogs and has a lot of good throwing techniques.

I think the DVD they recommend would really compliment this book so I will have to check into that. Brett Barrett rated it it was ok Aug 07, Christina rated it really liked it Dec 15, If your dog waits for it to hit the ground before diving for it, plant your foot on the disc, shrug and say "sorry.

Tease him a bit to get his excitement level up and then try the throw again. Lengthen the distance of your throws gradually from the short, easy catches a few feet from you to all-out, field-long throws. Set up your dog up to succeed more than he fails to build confidence and rhythm. If you notice your pooch is missing a throw several times in a row, rein it in and work at a closer distance for awhile. Introduce fancy footwork to your routine. Many disc dog tricks are simply interesting or unique ways of heeling or interacting with the disc using the handler's body.

Have your dog heel on the right or left side, switch places, circle your body or weave between your legs while walking. Reward him with a thrown disc to keep his interest high. Teach your dog aerial moves. Once your dog is comfortable catching a long-distance throw, begin to integrate vaults into your routine. Start by kneeling on the ground and holding the disc above your head. Encourage your dog to launch off your bent knee to snag the disc. Once your dog makes the connection between jumping off your body and gaining height to catch the disc, he'll never be gravity-bound again.

Teach your dog to rebound off your legs, back, chest or hips to add variety to your tricks. She's seeking German certification from the Goethe Institut. Hard flying discs are generally made of food grade plastic with molded rims for an easy catch. Such discs are heavier and capable of covering longer distances. They also work well even in windy conditions.

Disc Dogs! The Complete Guide - ldi.mx

Moreover, such discs do not float well and hence are not suitable for pool or lake play. Unless your pet is an expert in catching discs and you are looking for serious frisbee play, you need not opt for such a disc to start with. They are also better floaters and work well on water surfaces. Soft flying discs are made of soft rubber, EVA foam or fabric with a rubber rim and are coated with tear and puncture resistant coatings to make them last longer. Consider opting for a soft rubber or fabric flying disc for recreational play.

You can then graduate to a better quality professional dog frisbee such as the Hyperflite Jawz Disc once your dog is comfortable with frisbee play. Rigid shaped discs such as the West Paw Zogoflex Zisc Flying Disc are durable but still light enough for most dog breeds.

List of the best dog frisbees

They are also designed to travel longer than other discs. Flopper discs with a fabric body and rubber rim are the easiest ones to throw and water play. However, they are also most prone to lose shape.

As an example, the ChuckIt! Paraflight is one of the best floppy flyers that is reasonably sturdy and flies well. Still, in our view the standard, circular rim discs are most suitable for you and your dogs. In addition to the disc surface, the rim design is also important. Moreover, elevated sides mean that you can also use the disc as a water dish for your dog while on the go. Closely related to the design of the disc are the looks and color combinations of the disc. Vibrant, bright colored discs are easier for your dog to spot in late evenings and early mornings, while dark shades such as purple and black may be difficult to spot.

Consider opting for bright colors — blue, yellow, fluorescent green, red etc. Larger discs with a diameter ranging from 8 to 9 inch would be suitable for medium-sized dogs, while discs with a diameter of 11 inches or more would be most suitable for a large-sized pet weighing 65 lbs.

Best dog frisbees and flying discs reviewed

You can check out the reviews and FAQ on the specific model to decide which size of the disc would suit your pet. This is one of the most commonly asked questions by purchasers and there are high chances that someone has already addressed this question beforehand. You can also check with professional trainers or manufacturers on the best size to opt for before choosing an option. In addition to the major factors discussed above, there are a couple of other considerations that can make a purchase more attractive than others. One such factor is the how easy it to clean your disc.

Hard plastic discs are dishwasher safe on the top shelf only but the soft disc options that we have listed here are best suited for mild, hand wash. You may use soap or a very mild detergent to remove any stains. Only the West Paw Zogoflex Zisc is dishwasher safe. Another important factor to check out is the warranty and service support provided by the manufacturer. Almost all the options that we listed support the day satisfaction guarantee service. Popular manufacturers such as Kong, Ruffwear, and ChuckIt!

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The West Paw Zogoflex Zisc scores big in this category. So, you can get a one-time replacement in case your original disc gets damaged. Keep these other small considerations in mind while picking the best options for your needs. The West Paw Design Zogoflex Zisc Frisbee combines the long-distance flight capability and durability of hard-body discs with the flexibility and lighter weight of soft discs. This highly rated throwing disc has been field tested by many owners of average and aggressive chewer dogs and has always come out on the top.

Is playing with a frisbee or a flying disc suitable for my dog?

It is available in two sizes — small with a diameter of 6. Moreover, the disc is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned by placing it on the top shelf. It flies pretty far and is designed to last, even if your dog likes to play tug-of-war with you. The Zisc is floatable, making it perfect for Frisbee games in grass, snow or water. The disc comes in four vibrant colors — Aqua, Glow, Tangerine and Fluorescent Green, so you can pick the most suitable color as per the personality of your dog. So if the flying disc gets damaged by your dog, you can get it replaced once without having to pay anything.

That is pretty cool! The Kong flyer is manufactured in the US with a non-toxic all-natural body.

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Full rubber body means that is flexible and does not become brittle over time like plastic and fabric discs. It is reasonably durable as well and can withstand some abuse by gentle and mild chewers. The Kong Flyer is available in two sizes — small with a 7-inch diameter and large with a 9-inch diameter. Because of the natural rubber surface, it is available in only two colors — red and black, with the red being the standard color for an evening or early morning play. The Flyer floats well in the air, even in slightly windy conditions.