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God's personal comments jump off the page in stunning fashion
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Such concepts as strength, assertiveness, and principled judgments often come to mind, but God is so much more than that.

Today's Scripture reading from Ephesians 1:7

Femininity conjures up concepts such as grace, nurture, empathy, and sensitivity. Yet again, God is so much more than that.

God transcends all such culturally defined categories as male and female and cannot be put into such objective terms. God can only be known subjectively. We humans are prone to project onto God characteristics which we find in ourselves. We were created in the image of God and, sadly, we are prone to return the favor.

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God, however, will not fit into our socially or psychologically generated structures and can only be known in personal encounters. But God does not cause the evil. I am not sure if that kind of fatalistic thinking really is part of the Islamic teachings, but it certainly is not true of basic Christian thinking, nor is it, so far as I can tell, Biblical teaching. The story I get straight from scripture is that there are evil non-rational principalities and powers that are loose in the world, sometimes working through evil people Ephesians 2: All that God created was meant to be good, as it says in the opening chapters of the book of Genesis.

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Today, however, things are not as God willed for them to be. The Apostle Paul picks up the same theme as he talks about Satan being a dominating presence in history 2 Corinthians 4: God is not the author of the evil and temptations in this world James 1: I believe that God has chosen not to be in control of everything going on in this world.

In Christ, we find a God who deliberately gave up power to control everything in order to save the world through sacrificial love Philippians 2. If God exercised total control over everything we do, we could not love God because love always requires the lover to freely choose to love. God relinquished power in order to give us the freedom to love.

Red letter – My god, my father Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Three Sundays in a row I received the same prophecy, "I will pour forth through you like a river of glory. While I was laying on my bed one night in January of , 3 months into the program, I began to feel waves of liquid peace billow through my body and up through my head. I then began speaking in other tongues, and I didn't even know anything about tongues!

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I was almost entirely clueless about Christianity going into Teen Challenge. My faith elevated ten times what it was, and I became very zealous for the Lord; zeal without knowledge. I was discipled by a powerful prophet for 22 months in Teen Challenge. Coming from a revival environment to NCU was shell-shock.

My god, my father

Most Christian kids had never seen a miracle before in their lives, and I would see miracles almost daily at Teen Challenge. The Holy Spirit told me you'll never pastor churches, but you'll pastor cities, and nations. I know I have a 7-fold office ministry gift judge, king, apostle, prophet, teacher, evangelist, pastor from God and in only two years major U. The Lord told me when I started this apostolic work in Minneapolis in the Spring of , "5 years Minneapolis, 15 years U.

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