The Arcanum Of Beth

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  3. The Arcanum of Beth by Mary Jane Russell Paperback
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Janet is relentless as she uses all her skills as an attorney to prove Beth's death as murder by the very women she loved. Janet risks her practice while enlisting her life partner, their friends, and the legal system to discover a truth she had rather not known - The Arcanum of Beth. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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To ask other readers questions about The Arcanum of Beth , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Apr 19, Schnaucl rated it it was ok Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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To view it, click here. It was a first time novel and it definitely read like it. The dialog was extremely awkward and often felt forced. The narrative definitely did not flow and the descriptions were often clunky. It needed a couple more rounds of revision, I think. I knew as soon as Beth talked about the weight for the tractor that would be how she would die. I know it's like mentioning a gun in a story, eventually it has to come into play, but it would have been better if it were more subtle. Lou, Patti and I think It was a first time novel and it definitely read like it. Lou, Patti and I think even Will kept saying that if Janet kept digging she'd find out all sorts of horrible things about Beth and I kept waiting for whatever the horrible secret was and it never materialized.

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Was it supposed to be that she was depressed? I was waiting for something like she was sleeping with her brother or killed her father.

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I'm really unhappy about the suicide angle. Yeah, Patti and Lou did really awful things, but A she could have left, she had resources B she told Will if it solved the problem she'd give him the entire inheritance and his main concern seemed to be that he couldn't pay Patti back and C they were obviously shitty human beings but that's not deserving of a prison sentence. The suicide thing doesn't ring true for me. Okay, so she would have felt the difference with the weights. So, how did she get the box open and remove the weights without leaving any traces?

Even gloves leave evidence, and Lou's prints were still on them so she didn't wipe them down. If it were just the wrench, okay, she used a different wrench and ditched it somewhere, maybe even drove it to the dump, and left the one that Beth had used where it was, but that still doesn't explain the prints on the weights. Jun 07, Shiki rated it it was ok.

Jim rated it liked it Dec 20, Cherry rated it it was ok Sep 01, Dana Ramsey rated it really liked it Jul 08, Megan added it Mar 12, The physical body is organized by the elements. The Innermost emanated from the Inner Star that has always smiled upon us; He is positively polarized.

The Physical Body is the negative shadow of the Innermost. Spirit and Matter live in eternal combat. When the Spirit defeats the matter, the Spirit then becomes a Master. Maya illusion could not exist without the duality. Force and matter are two modalities of the same thing — energy. Matter is determined energy and a determiner of new undulations. Evolution is a process of complication of the energy whose outcome is the Macrocosmos and the Microcosmos. The universe is Maya illusion. The universe exists because of Karma and it is a mass of floating shadows.

In the last synthesis each Being is just a super divine atom from the Abstract Absolute Space. That atom is the Ain Soph. The ineffable gods from the Ain Soph are beyond any comprehension for us. The human mind is for the gods of the Ain Soph what the activities of the mineral kingdom are for us.

Within the Ain Soph only the unity of life reigns; that is supreme happiness. We need to liberate ourselves from the Binary and to return into the unity of life. It is urgent to pass beyond the painful manifestations of Maya.

The Arcanum of Beth by Mary Jane Russell Paperback

A science exists; with it we can tear the veil of Maya and return into the Ain Soph; that science is Alchemy. After few weeks he saw that the emerald had absolutely changed into another unknown stone for him. Thereafter he purposely left other stones like rubies, zephyrs, etc. Circe offers the tempting cup and Ulysses rejects her with his sword. The sacred sign of the infinite represents the brain, heart, and sex of the Planetary Genie. This struggle is terrible, brain against sex, and sex against brain, and what is even more terrible and more painful, heart against heart.

Each one of these three Sacred Cups of the Temple contains a precious balm: Ida and Pingala are the canals through which the atoms of Fire and Water ascend; the Spirit grasps the cane with seven knots that cane is the spinal medulla. If you want to return to the father who is in secret, you must first return to the bosom of your Divine Mother Kundalini. You need to raise the Serpent of Life through your medullar canal.

You have forgotten your Divine Mother Kundalini.

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The Stone of Grace is surrounded by nine delectable mountains; that Stone is Sex. If you want to return to the bosom of your Divine Mother, you need to work with the Philosophical Stone - Sex. The Mayans stated that in the first heaven God , the Verb, had held his stone, had held his serpent, and had held his substance.

Only with the Arcanum A. Then we will return into the Ain Soph; we will return into the Unity of Life. You are the children of the Widow, your Divine Mother is now a Widow, but when She rises through the medullar canal, she is betrothed with the Eternal Beloved. She is crowned with a Tiara. The head of the Divine Mother is surrounded by a veil. You must be courageous and lift the Veil of Isis.

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  8. Our Gnostic motto is Thelema willpower. The Mother carries her son the Verb within her arms; and she is seated between the two columns that symbolize man and woman. Worship the Virgin of the Sea brethren of mine. The Divine Mother appears in the second Arcanum making the priestly esoteric sign with her hand. Study within the Sacred Book of your Divine Mother. Knock and it shall be opened unto you.

    Pray to your Divine Mother; practice your esoteric exercises; you can ask your Adored Mother for Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Clairaudience, the faculties for Astral Projection, etc. You can be sure that your Divine Mother will listen to your beseeching. You must profoundly meditate everyday upon your Divine Mother, praying, pleading. The two columns must not be too close or too distant; there must be enough space so that the light can pass between them.

    It is necessary to transmute the Lead of the Personality into the Pure Gold of the spirit, this is Alchemy. The moon must be transformed into the sun. We need to be christified. No human being can return to the Father without having been devoured by the Serpent. The Key of Christification is the Arcanum A. The mantra for the Arcanum A. Mars descends into the Flaming Forge of Vulcan in order to retemper his sword and to conquer the heart of Venus, Hercules descends in order to clean the stables of Augias with the sacred Fire and Perseus descends in order to cut off Medusa's head.

    Remember beloved disciples that our Divine Mother is Nut and her word is 56 fifty-six. This number is Kabbalistically added as follows: Achieve the state of slumber by meditating upon the Sacred Serpent that dwells in the Coccygeal Chakra. Thereafter, pray with all of your heart, meditating on the following Sacred Ritualistic Prayer:.

    Be thou, oh Hadit, my secret, the Gnostic mystery of my Being, the central point of my connection, my heart itself, and bloom on my fertile lips, made Verb! Up above, in the infinite Heavens, in the profound Height of the unknowable, the incessant glow of Light is the naked beauty of Nut.

    She reclines, she bends in delectable ecstasy, to receive the kiss of secret fervor of Hadit.

    The winged sphere and the blue of the Sky are mine. These mantras have the power of transmuting our sexual energy into Light and fire within the Alchemical Laboratory of the human body.