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Click on the cover to the left to go to their website. This story contains a lot of great background from Wayne about the music business and playing in clubs - and also about playing in Ohio! Appeared in Episode Three of Fictionvale Magazine. This is one of the bigger magazines that Wayne has had a story in, and it was for their Alternate History issue. It's one of Wayne's best stories, and concerns some travelers from the future who venture back to the Black Plague years in France. This tender, family piece was inspired by an east coast comedy tour that took Wayne to Virginia and Washington, DC.

Then scroll through the pages.

Download FlagShip Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine - July 2010 book pdf | audio id:3cz3vjf

Wayne's story begins on page Originally published at Lodestar, and was their first place fiction contest winner. Appears in the Fall, issue of "GlassFire Magazine. It was inspired by several of Wayne's trips to Yuma, Arizona when his son and family lived down there. There's also some ballroom dancing in this mysterious little tale, inspired by his wife. Then click on the story name on the cover. This is Wayne's first story for FlagShip, an excellent magazine. This is a really good deal, and it's an attractive magazine with great illustrations.

Click on the magazine cover or the links to go to Flagship's website. Click on the book cover on left to find out more about the book. Click here to listen to Wayne's reading! Appears in the Spring issue of "Tales Of the Talisman. One of Wayne's personal favorites, this heartwarming tale was originally read aloud for Colorado Home Grown Tales, May, Wayne's 5th story with Piker Press.

This one appears in the April 9th, issue. Piker seems to like Wayne's quirkier stories, and this one definitely fits. The narrator is a character created by Wayne's brother Don, and he reminds us why it's not a good thing to hate snow This is Wayne's first story for Eric's Hysterics, a humor magazine. And yes, this is a very funny story inspired by his years back in Chicago, hanging out after shows with his friend Dave Schneider. This is Wayne's first story for Niteblade, a great online Horror and Fantasy magazine.

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It's also his first which takes place back at dear old Taft High School in Chicago, where Wayne went to school a long, long time ago This story appears in the March, issue. If you click on the story title above, you can read the first half of the story. And for that, you get all the great stories in the current issue and you help to support fiction writers!

Wayne's 5th story for Tales Of the Talisman. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? There are five stories in this issue, including - Ovid's Legacy - by Chris Ward. When she heard about the expedition to the Himalayas, she was excited. She hadn't planned on the airship. Or the crazy theory her professor was following.

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Which nation would be willing to take them in? Broken Dolls - by Philip L. She was the youngest commander in over a decade. Then the accident happened, and now all she can see is the broken pieces of her comrades… All Elves are Stupid - by Jeromy Henry. Driving around the city naked and singing Patsy Cline songs in drag at the skinhead bar weren't enough for Gloria's Dad.

He was, after all, an elf. And you had to complete three quests to win a maiden. Even if the quests re stupid. And involve trolls… and magic swords… and nose hair? The Sideways Machine - by Richard Zwicker. Well, I have my list publications from up on my site here: The story appeared in print form with the publication of Stupefying Stories: Over the course of five days I hand-signed and assembled several hundred eBooks — very good for word-of-mouth publicity!

I should also note that, to the best of my knowledge, I am not yet eligible to receive the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer although it would be a tremendous honor! I have a list of my stories all qualifying as short fiction and all eligible for the Hugo and Nebula available at my website.

Hell, all I want is an excuse to go to Reno and share coldcuts and veggies in the Green Room with the immortals which may not be a bad title for a story, come to think of it. It just so happens I made my own blog post on the topic this morning. Encounters With The Beast Within http: They are all available from Amazon and also on Kindle and in some bookstores.

If you would like a free electronic copy sent to you to review for Hugo consideration, please email me at: It is a very fun read and as PW says, it gets the mental gears turning. Suggest to fans of Ken Scholes Psalms of Isaak series Antiphon, who are looking for something a little lighter and less complex.

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Adani and Eric T. Thanks for doing this, John. Voting is open to anyone on the award site http: I appreciate you doing this. You do a public service, sir, corralling us all in one place where we can be attended to or ignored, as the reader chooses.

Full Artistic Curriculum Vitae | Michael Merriam

A Star Shall Fall. Many thanks, John, for doing this. Interested parties may find a list of my eligible work at http: My name is Keffy R. This year, I have two pieces of eligible fiction in the Short Story category for both the Nebulas and Hugo awards. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. My Writertopia biography and bibliography are here. If you are nominating for the Campbell and would like to read more of my work, I have also just released a small, free, illustrated e-book that collects the first four of my published short stories. It is available on my website, at keffy. I currently only have the PDF file format available, but I plan on putting epub up as soon as I get the formatting figured out.

Tag: submissions

You can also find out more about me from my website. I published a novel called The Magicians in That puts me in my second year of eligibility for the Campbell Award. The First Trilogy of the Ardwellian Chronicles is complete, a series of novels detailing the exploits and adventures of three families in particular. Dark Way of Anger follows, with the land having suffered for 25 years of war and genocide, and the struggles of Thalion, Ysilrod, and Audrey to end its stranglehold.

The third book, Secrets of the Second Sun, tells of the time when gods were mortal and betrayal was at the very heart of the forces that shaped the Ardwellian history. My website is http: Please visit and let me know what you think. For more info, well, check out its Big Idea essay: The US publication is scheduled for 1 May , so it will be eligible I think.

A reminder to folks that posts not actually by author promoting award-eligible works this year will be snipped out of the thread. Sorry for the multiple posts. The Hugo website offers this clarification on works first published outside the US:. Because such a huge proportion of the people who nominate on the Hugo Awards are in the USA, and because those people often do not get to see works first published outside the USA until a year later when those works get US publication, WSFS has been experimenting with extending the eligibility of works first published outside the USA.

This extension has to be renewed annually by the WSFS Business Meeting, and historically has not always been extended since the rule was adopted allowing it. Check the Hugo Award nominating ballot for the current year to see whether works published in prior years outside of the USA are eligible if they were published for the first time in the USA in the current year. Can anyone clarify if the relevant clause is in force this year? Sample chapters for Carousel Tides: Sample chapters for Saltation: Sample chapters for Mouse and Dragon: I have four eligible short stories this year: There is a full list of my eligible work on my blog: Many thanks, John, and likewise to everyone for posting their stuff.

I try to read everything everywhere by everyone, and yet somehow seem to fail. I have three eligible stories from , which also happen to be my first three stories period. Thanks for the opportunity, John. Still slightly weirded out at the idea of self-pimpage, as this is my first publication. Published and still archived at Fantasy Magazine.


Novella — Choose Your Doom: My fantasy novel The Northern Queen is eligible in the novel category. Booklist gave it a great review, and specifically recommended it to fans of Ken Scholes. Would love it if you would take a look and consider it for awards this season! Also, please consider my editor, Eric T. Reynolds of Hadley Rille Books, for the best editor categories. Should be eligible for international awards as well as US-only awards. It was reviewed as follows in Goodreads:.

A better plot, a better explanation, and a MUCH shorter read. I made a blog post about my eligible stories here: Got a double-page, gorgeous illustration on that, my first ever story where I won page space among long-working professionals. In the first seven issues of Redstone Science Fiction we published twelve original short stories that are eligible for awards consideration. All of our fiction is available at http: We were fortunate to publish such excellent fiction in the first issues of RSF.

If you have not had the chance to read them, come by and give these stories a look. My short story very short, in fact! We were fortunate to publish such excellent fiction in the first issues of Redstone SF. All of my current works are listed on my website at http: I wrote my own self-pimpage post over at my blog, but the capsule version is that I have two pieces eligible this year:.

And thanks John, for lighting this little campfire for all us crazy creatives. I heard about it via Broad Universe mailing list. Other Works Opus 4: Absolute XPress, October Richard Bartrop, for interior art sketches for Opus 4: Pill Hill Press, The Labyrinth of the Dead. It is put out by Apex Book Company. For a review copy, please contact Jason Sizemore at: Thanks for the opportunity to post here about my two big projects of and the eligible works they contain:.

Helios, published by Hadley Rille Books. And Issue One of Fantastique Unfettered: A Periodical of Liberated Literature, published by M-Brane Press, features several qualifying works, organized at this link: SFWA members can read the novelette at http: This is my first year of eligibility. Writertopia does not have any info up for me as of 4 January However, you can learn more about me and my work at my Website at http: