Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? (S.F. MASTERWORKS)

  1. The inspiration behind Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049
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Flashing their badges will get them past any obstruction and overrule any civil right of the dupes around them. But the crimes the detectives are sent to investigate seem like drudgery - until they stumble upon the grisly results of a mass killing that the precinct headquarters orders them not to investigate. That's one order they have to refuse. The hunt is on.

And though the dupes in the replica city have no future once the Snapshot is turned off, that doesn't mean that both Davis and Chaz will walk out of it alive tonight. Half a million years in the future, on a dead, war-ravaged world at the centre of the Galaxy, there is a mile-high statue of Michael Poole. Poole, born on Earth in the fourth millennium, was one of mankind's most influential heroes. He was not a warrior, not an emperor. He was an engineer, a builder of wormhole transit systems.

But Poole's work would ultimately lead to a vast and destructive conflict, a million-year war between humanity and the enigmatic, powerful aliens known as the Xeelee.

The Xeelee won, but at a huge cost. And, defeated in a greater war, the Xeelee eventually fled the universe. A handful were left behind, equipped with time travel capabilities, their task to tidy up: That million-year war with humankind was one blemish. It had to be erased. And in order to do that, a lone Xeelee was sent back in time to remove Michael Poole from history. Based on the stories contained in this volume, the ten-part anthology series, Philip K. Each episode will be a sharp, thrilling standalone drama adapted and contemporised for global audiences by a creative team of British and American writers.

The series will both illustrate Philip K. Dick's prophetic vision and celebrate the enduring appeal of the prized Sci-Fi novelist's work. The ten stories included are: These brilliant, high-resolution stories show Gibson's characters and intensely-realized worlds at his absolute best.

Nick and his family are forced to leave Earth in order for him to keep his cat, Horace - because all pets are now banned, as they use up badly needed resources. They settle on Plowman's Planet, where they discover a variety of strange and wonderful alien lifeforms.

But not all of these weird lifeforms are benevolent - and the family is involved in a series of increasingly dangerous mishaps. Dick's only children's book, first published after his death, brings together many of his most famous alien creations in one gently humorous tale. Mary Anne Reynolds is a young and vulnerable woman, determined to make her own way in the world.

Terry Gilliam on Philip K. Dick's 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?' (Blade Runner)

But Pacific Park, California, in the s is not really the place for Mary. Her relationship with a black singer offends against the small town's views on sexual mores and exposes its bigoted views on race. Dick was one of the masters of science fiction, and his short stories consistently broke new ground. Also included is a selection of other astounding tales, often touching on Dick's most important themes. A man remembers killing his wife - but can he trust his memories? If you were to discover that you were an android, what experiments would you perform on yourself?

A supercomputer decides to attack Northern California - can it be talked out of doing the job it was designed for?

The inspiration behind Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049

Can history rewrite itself? All of these questions will be asked as you enter the world of Philip K Dick's remarkable imagination. The stories are a mix of the previously uncollected and some of his most famous pieces such as Foster, You're Dead a powerful extrapolation of nuclear war hysteria, and The Golden Man, a very different story about a super-evolved mutant human. Our Books See all Books. Rather Be the Devil by Ian Rankin. Nomad by Alan Partridge.

The Hanging Tree by Ben Aaronovitch. A Life in Parts by Bryan Cranston. Between Sisters by Cathy Kelly. Far From True by Linwood Barclay. The Crossing by Michael Connelly. Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz. Our Authors See all Authors. Log In Members Login. Keep me logged in on this computer. We need to use cookies to do this. Not a Member Yet? Create An Account Why Join? View high res cover image. Time remaining -- day s -- hour s -- minute s -- second s.

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Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?

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Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? : Philip K. Dick :

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Red Rising Pierce Brown. The Lord of the Rings J. A Game of Thrones George R. Other books in this series. The Dispossessed Ursula K. Rendezvous With Rama Arthur C. Review Text One of the most original practitioners writing any kind of fiction, Dick made most of the European avant-garde seem like navel-gazers in a cul-de-sac Sunday Times show more. Review quote For everyone lost in the endlessly multiplicating realities of the modern world, remember: